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Location and tuition times


I teach from my home studio in Mow Cop, Stoke on Trent up to 9.30p.m. Monday to Saturday. Teaching times may vary.  Pupils need to bring their own guitar along to lessons, however, we do provide guitars for use on site only.


Music notation


It is not essential to be able to read music to study the electric or steel string acoustic guitar, but reading is a very useful tool and I encourage all of my students to learn how to read rhythms at least – I can teach you. Sight-reading is mandatory for Classical guitarists, but again – I can teach you. Reading music really isn’t as difficult as you may think it is.


Styles & levels


We teach most styles and levels, and beginners are welcome. I specialise in rock, pop, indie music, fingerstyle and classical guitar. I teach both acoustic and electric guitar.


Lesson content


All lessons are on a private one-to-one basis. I run three main courses – electric guitar, classical guitar and steel string acoustic guitar. Each of these courses will be tailored to the needs of the individual student. For each style I ensure that students are competent in the basics, before moving on to learn the repertoire and tailor the course toward your goals as a musician - what do you want to achieve? The possibilities are endless – do you want to study graded exams (classical or electric)? Are you a singer wanting to accompany yourself? A budding songwriter? Do you want to join a band?

I try to split each lesson between what you want to learn, and what you need to learn. For classical guitar examinations I usually work from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) syllabus. For electric guitar examinations I usually work from the Trinity Rockschool syllabus.

It is not strictly necessary to adhere to these graded syllabi but they do offer a structured approach to mastering the instrument.


Frequency of Lessons


I recommend one hour long lesson per week. I try to stick to the same day and time each week wherever possible.




Between lessons, you will need to practice as much and as often as you can. I recommend practicing your instrument every day. It is much better to do seven thirty-minute sessions than to practice for three and a half hours non-stop! The more often you practice, the quicker your progress will be and the better you will become.




The speed of your progress as a guitarist will depend on how hard you work at it. I cannot guarantee results! I can however offer you expert tuition and guide you through every stage of your guitar playing. Only your motivation and application, coupled with my support, can turn you into a guitarist.

In order to be able to play effectively, you must be aware that it is necessary to work at material over and over again until it is internalised, and that some students need more repetitions than others to achieve this internalisation. You need adequate practice time to absorb the information from one lesson before we can move on to the next. Basically, you need to do your homework to succeed.


Terms & conditions


- Lessons are arranged for a mutually agreeable time.

- Payment to be made at the beginning of each lesson.

- Please give at least 48 hours notice, by telephone, of cancellation. Please note that full lesson fee is payable if less than this is given, however, we understand sickness may cause cancellation so therefore no fee will be charged.

- Tuition fees may rise at a future date, students will be notified one week prior to any increase.

If you require any further information please contact me

tel : 01782 511645

mob: 07920 106324

email :