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Classical Guitar Lessons

Classical Guitar is one of the most rewarding styles to learn and although your journey can be a long (and sometimes frustrating) experience, with careful study and practise, it can help you to become a more competant musican in any genre or instrument.


Our Classical Guitar courses run through 9 stages, from the first Induction course, then starting Grade 1 through to Grade 8!

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A couple of typical Classical Guitar Pieces

After your induction you will need a classical guitar, footstool and music stand, prices vary on Classical Guitars, but don't worry, we can

help you choose your Guitar and get a discount.


Our Course follows the ABRSM syllabus with exams at the end of each grade. There will be certain books you will need for your grade structure but they are reasonably priced and we will order them for you. We do however have many pieces for you to study which can be booked out of the academy free of charge!! but please.. no copying as it is illegal!


As students vary in their learning abilities getting your first grade will depend on you, the student... on how much you study! Please don't feel you have to rush as you'll learn quicker with patience and understanding rather than having a gung-ho kind of attitude!


If you are interested in having classical guitar lessons, give us a call or e-mail your number and we'll contact you.