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Crash Courses

Our Crash Courses run on a 4, 8 and 12 lesson course and will teach you how to get started quick even if you are a complete beginner or a seasoned musician who just needs a refresh!


4 Week Course:




Learning your instrument

How to Strum/Use a plectrum

Mastering the CAGED Chord System

Major and Minor Scales

Understanding reading of Chord boxes



8 Week Course:


Includes all the 4 week course and:


Pentatonic, Natural & Chromatic Scales

Barre Chords

Undertstanding reading TAB



12 Week Course:


Includes all the 4/8 week courses and:


Introduction to modes

Songwriting and Musicianship

Harmonic Minor Scale




We can't promise you'll be the next Joe Satriani!


We can promise you total commitment to your goals, If you practise, you will succeed!

Every Student has different learning qualities and speeds, so some of you will complete the courses and some will struggle... but we will do our best to get you there... WE HAVENT FAILED YET!